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Oakville Sailboard & Ski


Because of the move, most items in stock were sold at ridiculously low prices. No reasonable offer was refused and even some unreasonable offers were accepted. We even gave away some items rather than having to move them. A few items still left have been moved to a tent temporarily set up beside the house and are still for sale, along with sailboard equipment and windsurfer parts, which are still being stocked, sold and shipped all over the world.
If you are interested in a particular item and are too far away to be able to call or visit our shop for more information, send us an e-mail at info@sailski.com and we will reply with more information and perhaps a picture. If you include your mailing address and postal code we can let you know the shipping and handling charges and an estimate of the total cost in your own currency.  We ship just about anywhere in the world, usually within two working days after receipt of your order along with your authorization, credit card number and expiry date provided to us by e-mail, fax or telephone. However shipping large objects can be expensive and is often more than the item is worth.

Prices are in Canadian dollars.

Description Code Sale
2 - F152 Sailboard U-joint studs 8x45mm SS @ $3.25 N11-48 6.50
2 - F153 Sailboard U-joint washers 8mmIDx19mmOD SS @ $0.35 N11-49 0.70
2 - F154 Sailboard U-joint lock nuts 8mm SS w/nylon insert @ $0.75 N11-50 0.75
F026 sailboard Xtreme Pro footstrap each N11-81 23.95
F029 Sailboard Rig Winch convertible for pin or US style mast foot N11-61 55.95
F084 sailboard boom front end Proline clamp-on N11-64 59.95
F084 Sailboard Proline 32mm dia clamp-on boom front end N11-37 59.95
F111 Fixed 25cm Mast Extension N11-92 21.95
F120 Sailboard mast extension 48cm Eckla Economy slip-on N11-8 49.95
F120 Sailboard slip-on mast extension Bic N11-14 49.95
F122 Sailboard mast extension with cleat N11-56 65.95
F125 Sailboard mast bottom cup N11-46 7.95
F126 O-ring for mast extension Vario slip-on N11-62 2.45
F130 Sailboard mast base upper cup plastic w/washer N11-15 23.95
F131 Sailboard mast base upper cup aluminum N11-38 35.95
F132 Sailboard mast base anti-friction washer/bushing N11-36 1.45
F149 sailboard mast base hourglass joint Boge N11-18 29.95
F150 Sailboard mast base safety strap N11-35 4.45
F160 Sailboard mast base bottom part 25mm twist expanding N11-43 29.95
F230 adjustable footstrap N11-67 24.95
F279 Sailboard mast base pin F2 1986-87 SS N11-51 35.95
F281 Sailboard mast base pin Tiga 1986 & earlier Aluminum N11-52 35.95
F282 Sailboard mast base pin Bic 1986-90 Aluminum N11-9 35.95
F285 Browning Pin - All types SS N11-77 35.95
F286 Sailboard mast base pin Bic 1988 Fanatic 1990& Mistral 1991& SS N11-53 35.95
F350 Sailboard economy hook double pulley N11-88 7.95
F352 Sailboard pulley hook 3-roll N11-22 19.95
F353 Sailboard pulley hook 4-roll N11-21 29.95
F364 Line 4mm per foot N11-27 0.45
F365 Line 5mm per foot N11-28 0.55
F366 Line 6mm per foot N11-29 0.65
F451 Roof rack load strap padded cam buckle pair N11-12 13.95
F500 Sailboard fin 13" black plastic N11-24 43.95
F531 Sailboard fin roll pin N11-45 0.80
F535 Sailboard Fin guard/repair tab N11-16 13.00
F539 Sailboard screw and plate/nut for standard fin N11-25 4.45
F540 Chinook tall mast extension 48cm aluminum US cup power base N11-79 87.95
F547 11cm Short Mast Extension Chinook aluminum for US base N11-86 57.95
F549 Sailboard mast base 1-bolt twist-on tendon N11-6 89.95
F550 Sailboard mast base 1-bolt twist-on Chinook rubber N11-7 79.95
F551 Sailboard mast base 2 bolt tendon N11-76 115.95
F555 sailboard 2-bolt quick release mast base plate assembly w/pin&clip N11-80 51.95
F560 Sailboard mast base plate for rubber universal N11-42 31.95
F564 Sailboard Chinook base cup kit N11-39 20.95
F566 Sailboard downhaul cleat N11-54 3.95
F568 Sailboard fin box 10"L 1"W 1-1/4"D 5/8"od 5/16"id 1-5/8"L N11-20 16.95
F569 Sailboard 10" mast box N11-17 16.95
F572 Sailboard mast base brass T-nut 8mm N11-74 3.45
F578 screws & nuts for F566 downhaul N11-57 0.45
F588 Roof Rack pads Chinook per pair N11-69 27.95
F588 roof rack pads Velcro slip on pair N11-10 23.95
F594 Sailboard mechanical universal joint mast base N11-33 29.95
F654 tug cleat N11-65 19.95
F670 Sailboard plastic mast cap Vario w/slot N11-30 12.95
F670 Sailboard plastic mast head cap for rope or strap N11-32 12.95
Foot Bags (Hackey Sacks) Sand Master N13-3 9.95
Packaging handling & shipping N15-1 14.95
PFD life vest child CCG approved Mica 3+1-buckle Nylon red/gry/yel N5-63 49.00
PFD ski/life vest L/XL CCG approved Mica 4-buckle Nylon blk/blu N5-59 75.00
PFD ski/life vest L/XL CCG approved Mica 4-buckle Nylon blk/red N5-69 75.00
PFD ski/life vest L/XL CCG approved Mica 4-buckle Nylon blk/yel N5-29 75.00
PFD ski/life vest S/M CCG approved Mica 4-buckle Nylon blk/yel N5-28 75.00
PFD ski/life vest S/M CCG approved Mica 4-buckle Nylon blk/yel N5-70 75.00
PFD ski/life vest XS CCG approved Mica 4-buckle Nylon blk/red N5-25 75.00
Roof rack pads velcro black per pair N11-71 18.00
Sailboard Boom 180-230 Neil Pryde X3 N12-17 295.00
Sailboard boom back end N11-75 27.95
Sailboard Euro pin Chinook N11-59 23.95
Sailboard Harness Da Kine Blast XLG w/12" spreader bar N11-89 149.95
Sailboard Harness DaKine Blast Lg. w/12" spreader bar N11-85 149.95
Sailboard Harness DaKine Blast Med. w/10" spreader bar N11-84 149.95
Sailboard Harness Lines fixed 22 Neil Pryde N12-7 22.00
Sailboard Harness Lines fixed 24 Neil Pryde N12-8 22.00
Sailboard Harness Lines Fixed 24"/61cm Neil Pryde fixed N12-1 24.00
Sailboard Harness Lines fixed 26 Neil Pryde N12-9 22.00
Sailboard JP Funster 180 with Daggerboard; Fin & 4 Footstraps N12-12 1395.00
Sailboard Mast Base Extension XT 48 Neil Pryde N12-15 63.00
Sailboard mast base hourglass etc. complete assembly N11-68 38.65
Sailboard Mast Base Universal Power Neil Pryde N12-14 69.00
Sailboard mast extension 45mm Euro base Chinook N11-58 79.95
Sailboard Seat Harness 3D Automatic L Neil Pryde N12-4 162.00
Sailboard Seat Harness 3D Automatic XL Neil Pryde N12-5 162.00
Sailboard tendon mast base one bolt centred with Euro pin N11-70 79.95
Soccer ball size 5 Shine black white N16-2 0.00
Soccer ball size 5 Shine blue yellow N16-1 7.00
Steamer L/6 full suit Mica blk blu & gry old stock N5-24 79.00
Uphaul snap hooks price each N11-73 0.75
Wakeboard 122cm CWB Blade w/Mobe bindings XXS N2-11 395.00
Water boot 12 Mica back zip blk N5-47 50.00
Water shoe 10 Mica Action blk N5-37 35.00
Water shoe 12 Mica Action blk N5-39 35.00
Water shoe 6 Mica Action blk N5-33 35.00
Water shoe 7 Mica Action blk N5-34 35.00
Water shoe 8 Mica Action black N5-76 35.00
Water shoe 8 Mica Action blk N5-35 35.00
Water ski binding front toe neoprene 1989 Obrien large advanced 5F2241 N2-20 19.95
Water ski binding rear toe plate neoprene small 5 8707 N2-21 19.95
Water ski rear step in toe plate small Connelly black N2-19 39.95
Water Ski rope 75' Proline 8-section Course w/13" Performance handle N2-16 129.00
Water ski under foot pad N2-22 19.95
Water tube Mica Eliminator N5-55 89.00
Wet gloves L Mica Tournament blk N5-50 45.00
Wet gloves XS Mica Action gry blk N5-66 35.00
Wetsuit L/10 shorty Mica Ultimate blk w/blu N5-9 130.00
Wetsuit L/12 shorty Mica Ultimate blk w/grn N5-8 95.00
Wetsuit L/12 shorty Mica Ultimate blk w/lt blu N5-7 30.00
Wetsuit L/14 shorty Mica Ultimate blk w/grape N5-6 130.00
Wetsuit M/M combo Mica Ultimate blk w/yel N5-60 235.00
Wetsuit M/S shorty Mica Quicky blk & gry old stock N5-13 75.00
Wetsuit Men Med shorty Mica Ultimate blk & gry w/blu N5-4 130.00
Wetsuit Men XL shorty Mica Ultimate blk/pewter N5-10 130.00
Windsurfing slalom seat harness S Gaastra w/spreader bar yellow N13-1 49.95

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Moved to 386 Park Road North, Grimsby Beach Ontario, Canada L3M 2P6 ~ e-mail: info@sailski.com
  ( On Lake Ontario, between Hamilton and Niagara, about an hour or less drive from Toronto,  Mississauga, Burlington, Brampton or Milton)
Cel Phone: (905) 330-2251 (Ed Pollock may answer, not a voice mail box).
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