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Ultimate Destination Inc. is a travel information service, specializing in
vacation holidays cruises ski trips


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Ultimate Destination Inc. is a Canadian company, incorporated in June 1989 (Canada Federal Incorporation Number 247840-4) owned, managed and staffed by the Pollock family, who have many years of travel experience, including management of agencies and franchises before incorporating their own Canadian company in June 1989. 
Anne Pollock has had extensive hands-on travel experience in many of the popular vacation destinations.  She has sailed on many of the major cruise lines in both the northern and southern Caribbean, northern Europe and the Mediterranean as well as spending time at resorts on the islands in the Caribbean and Mediterranean.  Anne has also visited South America, Hawaii, the Philippines and traveled throughout the British Isles, Europe and North America.
Ed Pollock has skied all over North America and Europe and has also visited all the major cities in Canada, in addition to many U.S. and a few in Europe.
Many travellers prefer to create their own itineraries, rather than just taking an off-the-shelf vacation package out of the catalogue.  This is one of the company's specialties, where their many years of experience is priceless.
Recently there have been enormous changes in air travel, with new airlines starting up and some of the older ones disappearing.  Ticketing and pricing have also been undergoing major changes.  There can be almost as many different fares for the same flights as there are passengers, with only a few seats allotted to each type of fare.
Because the airlines make up so many different rules, which can apply to each different type of fare, it almost takes a lawyer, or better still a travel agent with a lot of experience to figure out what is involved in getting the best fare and where to find it.
We have the experience to check out travel arrangements for you, to ensure you find the best airline with the best fare for your trip before you book it, but don't leave it to the last minute.  Do your planning early.
Contact us for air, land or cruise vacation or holiday trip information, whether in Canada, United States, North or South America, Europe, Asia or anywhere else world wide. 












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Moved to 386 Park Road North, Grimsby Beach Ontario, Canada L3M 2P6 ~ e-mail: info@sailski.com
  ( On Lake Ontario, between Hamilton and Niagara, about an hour or less drive from Toronto,  Mississauga, Burlington, Brampton or Milton)
Cel Phone: (905) 330-2251 (Ed Pollock may answer, not a voice mail box).
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