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Oak Sail & Ski Sale

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Oakville Sailboard & Ski


Because of the move, most items in stock were sold at ridiculously low prices. No reasonable offer was refused and even some unreasonable offers were accepted. We even gave away some items rather than having to move them. A few items still left have been moved to a tent temporarily set up beside the house and are still for sale, along with sailboard equipment and windsurfer parts, which are still being stocked, sold and shipped all over the world.

Note: Most of the items on this page were sold for less than half the price shown!

If you don't find the item you are looking for on this page, be sure to also look in the Water SportsSnow Sports, and Cheap Sports sale pages.

If you are interested in a particular item and are too far away to be able to call or visit for more information, send us an e-mail at info@sailski.com and we will reply with more information and perhaps a picture. If you include your mailing address and postal code we can let you know the shipping and handling charges and an estimate of the total cost in your own currency.  We ship just about anywhere in the world, usually within two working days after receipt of your order along with your authorization, credit card number and expiry date provided to us by e-mail, fax or telephone. However shipping large objects can be expensive and is often more than the item is worth. 

Prices are in Canadian dollars.

Description Code Sale
Bag sail/quiver 214x48x18cm Mistral green full zip w/strap S215-55 45.00
Bicycle helmet ML Bell S331-1 5.00
bike helmet CCM Bullet S369-7 7.95
Bike Helmet M Vetta Cobra Lite S215-49 10.00
Board bag 285cm 9'4" Airwave heat reflective like new S27-32 50.00
Epoxy repair pack S27-23 5.00
Fin saver/protector Shredtech S27-38 5.00
Harness ropes & pulleys S253-24 5.00
Hat with brim & Scarf set hand-knit - medium & dark blue S226-9 24.95
Helmet Junior Scooter (new) white S334-1 14.95
Helmet w/goggles M 55/56 Red S294-15 35.00
Lumberjack shirt Mens/Lg 100% cotton flannel blk/wht check new S288-2 14.95
Lumberjack shirt Mens/Lg 100% cotton flannel gry/brn check new S288-3 14.95
Lumberjack shirt Mens/Lg 100% cotton flannel red/blk check new S288-5 14.95
Lumberjack shirt Mens/Lg 100% cotton flannel wht/gry/tan check new S288-1 14.95
PFD baby / chest 40-55cm 16-22" / weight 9-14kg 20-30lb / Buoy-O-Boy S334-20 9.95
PFD child / chest 45-71cm 18-28" / weight 14-27kg 30-60lb / Buoy-O-Boy S334-19 10.95
PFD with harness hook S364-2 15.00
PFD youth / chest 55-85cm 22-34" / weight 27-41kg 60-90lb / Buoy-O-Boy S334-17 12.95
roof pads & strap S364-4 1.50
Sail 7sm Dacron Mylar full batten S53-8 100.00
Sail wind ribbon S27-25 1.00
Sail Windsurfer 6.4 semi-soft Mylar backed Dacron 445x220cm (no battens) S333-3 40.00
Sailboard bag 9.3 S249-3 75.00
Sailboard bag 9'4" Da Kine S299-8 45.00
Sailboard bag 9'7" Neil Pryde S355-34 75.00
Sailboard bag Neil Pryde Quiver for 3+ sails etc. S355-2 25.00
Sailboard bag Neil Pryde Quiver for 3+ sails etc. 1 carrying strap torn S355-1 15.00
Sailboard boom 120-165cm North Vario pink clamp-on S355-25 100.00
Sailboard boom 150/220cm w/clamp S215-17 150.00
Sailboard boom 165-210cm F2 clamp-on w/uphaul S358-10 150.00
Sailboard boom 170-215 adj clamp-on S386-5 125.00
Sailboard boom adj w/clamp Fanatic S378-3 125.00
Sailboard boom back end hinged Fanatic grey S215-63 45.00
Sailboard boom clamp-on 155-170cm North S299-7 95.00
Sailboard boom pad blue Windsurfing Hawaii S355-21 2.00
Sailboard boom pad pink Deck Tech S355-23 2.00
Sailboard boom short 170cm tie-on S215-40 35.00
Sailboard boom w/clamp front end S367-8 75.00
sailboard fin S378-5 35.00
Sailboard fin 11" Angulo slalom fiberglass green S27-36 99.00
Sailboard fin 12" Rainbow LiteSpeed S335-6 25.00
Sailboard fin 13" Rainbow Weedspeed S358-5 100.00
Sailboard fin 340mm mistral race S386-9 95.00
Sailboard Fin Hyperform S249-2 50.00
sailboard fin slotted S378-4 35.00
sailboard fin weedless slot green S378-6 35.00
Sailboard Fin Works slalom 12-1/4" Tuttle Box S215-70 95.00
Sailboard foot pads (new) RCS S27-11 15.00
Sailboard Foot Pads Deck Tech Air Deluxe (new) S215-53 25.00
Sailboard harness Hook Da Kine black with waist harness S355-12 35.00
Sailboard harness lines S355-27 10.00
Sailboard harness lines adjustable Visual Speed S215-15 12.95
Sailboard lock mast track/fin box S27-16 10.00
sailboard mast 2 piece Fanatic S378-2 175.00
Sailboard Mast 458mm long 46mm ID S365-4 75.00
Sailboard mast base pad S367-9 3.95
Sailboard mast base plate S367-10 1.00
Sailboard mast base w/15cm extension S386-7 125.00
Sailboard mast pad green Mistral S355-18 10.00
Sailboard mast pad green Windsurfing Hawaii S355-17 10.00
Sailboard mast pad Mistral blue & orange like new S308-6 20.00
Sailboard mast pad Mistral green & pink like new S308-5 15.00
Sailboard mast pad pink Mistral S355-20 10.00
Sailboard mast pad Windsurfing Hawaii S215-21 20.00
Sailboard mast pad Windsurfing Hawaii S27-12 15.00
Sailboard mast track conversion to accept standard mast base S46-16 50.00
Sailboard Maui Fin Freeride 40cm fiberglass Trim Box w/sleeve S215-69 125.00
Sailboard mini-fin chartreuse S27-37 5.00
Sailboard Mistral Challenge Flex 9'1" or 8'8" S367-4 95.00
Sailboard quiver bag DaKine full zip 235x33x33cm grey holds 4 sails plus S358-20 60.00
Sailboard Sail 5.5m Dacron Mistral Gaastra w 3 short battens 455x240cm S366-2 75.00
Sailboard sail 6.7m speed slalom mono RAF "the gun" S386-2 195.00
Sailboard sails & equipment bag Mistral green S46-18 85.00
Sailboard trim box fin 12.6" 32cm S367-12 75.00
Sailboard waist harness Neil Pryde S355-32 40.00
sailing gloves S364-3 15.00
Scuba depth gauge capillary WGC watch band (new) S253-3 35.00
Scuba Fins size 38/39 Sub Atlantic S334-13 20.00
Scuba rope & holder S253-23 5.00
Scuba wet suit john & jacket medium Whites S253-21 75.00
Shirt Medium short sleeve pullover "Sailboard" Made in Canada S215-64 1.00
Skeg Saver S27-35 10.00
Ski boot bag S289-3 5.00
Ski carrier 6 pair roof top strap on S215-61 5.00
ski head band Columba maroon & black S369-23 0.95
Ski helmet Med 57-60cm black (new) S321-7 49.00
Ski helmet PCO Jr M 53 S371-3 45.00
Ski Jacket Couloir Blue S360-3 65.00
Ski Jacket Rossignol Red & Grey S360-2 75.00
Ski jacket size 12 Orage grn & wht S360-8 75.00
Ski mitts L M Kombi S379-3 15.00
Ski pants mens med full leg zip blk North Face S360-7 40.00
Ski pants Small stretch blue racing S267-7 15.00
Ski poles Colin 115cm 46" S379-4 5.00
Ski racing helmet blk w/visor & chin guard Bell S360-9 49.00
Ski Rack Bic Sport Rack System medium 5 pr S215-59 15.00
Ski suit 12 year old boys Phenix jacket matching Columbia pant Grey S294-5 75.00
Ski suit 16 1-piece Sun Ice S242-4 35.00
Ski toque hand-knit Gonzo - black & white stripes S226-3 14.95
Ski toque hand-knit Gonzo - brown & tan stripes S226-4 14.95
Ski toque hand-knit Gonzo - white grey & maroon stripes S226-5 14.95
Ski toque hand-knit small Gonzo - multi-coloured stripes S226-6 9.95
Ski toque ladies hand-knit brimless with bow - light olive green S226-2 14.95
Ski toque purple gonzo 4 S128-16 7.95
Ski Tote black S369-24 3.95
Ski Tote with locking cable (new) S289-5 15.00
Ski/Snowboard pants black L-XS S267-6 75.00
Skis shaped 186cm Dynastar 4x4 ATV Salomon 850 DIN 3.5-10 S165-23 175.00
Skis straight 120cm Rossignol 4S Jr w/Salomon 3 series DIN 1-4.5 S125-3 25.00
Skis straight 120cm Rossignol 650 jr w/Salomon quadrax s DIN.75-4.5 S384-10 35.00
Water air mattress red & white S231-18 5.00
Water shoes size 2 Okees S112-13 8.00
Water ski bag 64" S215-36 25.00
Water ski parts S183-8 5.00
Wet suit dive shorty S145-1 20.00
Wet suit full 1 pc size uk 44 Eur 54 S386-8 125.00
Wet suit gloves S145-2 5.00
Wet suit hood blue S335-10 10.00
Wet Suit ML farmer john S243-4 49.00
Wrist Guards small Da Kine S215-73 14.95
Yakima Kayak Stacker S375-1 50.00

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Moved to 386 Park Road North, Grimsby Beach Ontario, Canada L3M 2P6 ~ e-mail: info@sailski.com
  ( On Lake Ontario, between Hamilton and Niagara, about an hour or less drive from Toronto,  Mississauga, Burlington, Brampton or Milton)
Cel Phone: (905) 330-2251 (Ed Pollock may answer, not a voice mail box).
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