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Foot Bed Insoles

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Sole Softec Response orthotic insole footbeds

SOLE do-it-yourself heat moldable orthotic insole footbeds for boots and shoes can improve the comfort of your footwear and even correct correct footwear problems by improving the fit of your boots or shoes.
Sports shops like Oakville Sailboard & Ski that specialize in skiing, know the importance of how boots should fit, because it is critical to being able to ski well and to the enjoyment of the sport.
Less experienced skiers sometimes are not aware that the dynamics of skiing can result in boots that seem to fit well enough in the shop, but after skiing in them, they end up not being tight enough and even hurting in places, (often right above the ankles).
Moldable insole foot beds can often correct the problem and at far less expense than buying new boots. This is also true for other specialized footgear used in sports and other activities.
The fit of skates, inline or ice is every bit as critical.  Even something as pedantic as rubber boots, which are usually made too wide, can be vastly improved by heat moldable insoles.
Improving the fit of your footgear with Sole heat moldable foot beds can make a big difference for every type of activity, sports, work or leisure.  Sole heat moldable insoles can even save footwear that does not fit well and otherwise might have to be given away or even thrown out. (Click for Fitting Instructions)

Only $44.95 (Canadian Dollars)


No two feet are exactly the same. Sole foot bed insoles conform to fit every foot perfectly.  Both regular and off-the-shelf insoles which claim to offer arch supports, control and comfort were not designed precisely for your foot.  Sole foot beds can be precisely adjusted by you to your own unique feet.


These insoles cost less than traditional custom orthotics and custom orthotic foot beds because they use a special heat-to-fit technology. This enables everyone to get a custom fit without the high cost associated with visiting a health care professional.  While Sole foot beds will not take the place of a foot care professional for people with severely troubled feet, the unique combination of materials enables Sole foot beds to adjust to exactly your foot shape. Sole foot beds are truly a revolution in foot care technology.


If you require maximum support, you can wear the Sole foot beds without heating them.  This may be best, but heating and molding them to your feet will improve both the comfort and overall support.


They are guaranteed to provide excellent cushioning for two years. The Softec cushioning layer uses open cell polyurethane so it will not bottom out or compress over time.


Sole foot beds can be reheated several times. However, it is recommended that you don't heat them more than 5 times. Excessive amounts of heating will cause your foot beds to lose their supportive, anatomically designed shape. But if you feel the heating process didn't adjust your foot beds to your satisfaction, simply reheat them.


You can use your Sole foot beds in almost any type of footwear You can use them in running/tennis/cross training shoes, hiking boots, ski boots, skates, roller blades, or even casual shoes. You'll find that Sole foot beds work best in footwear with a removable insole.  Feel free to move your foot beds from one type of footwear to the next.


Sizes start at a women's size 5 and go up to a men's 14 in full sizes. If you are between sizes, simply choose the larger size and trim the toe area of the orthotic to fit your existing shoes. To do this, simply place your old insoles over your foot beds and trace out the shape. Using the tracing as a guide, cut the foot beds to the correct size with scissors.


They carry a 90-day unconditional, 100% satisfaction guarantee, plus a full two-year cushioning guarantee.


Click to Sole website for more product information

Fitting Instructions for Sole Moldable Foot Beds: 
Note: Diabetics and people with poor circulation or lack of sensation in their feet should consult their health-care professional before installing these foot beds to ensure appropriate treatment and care. 
  1. Pre-heat oven on bake to exactly 200F.

  2. Remove the original insole from your boot or shoe.

  3. Use your old insole as a guide to trim your new Sole foot beds to exactly the right size.

  4. Place your new insoles in the oven for exactly 4 minutes

  5. Once they are out of the oven, immediately put them into your shoes or boots, making sure they are sitting flat in your shoes or boots and they are not bent over at the toes.

  6. Put your feet in right away, making sure your heels are against the back of the shoes or boots, then do the shoes or boots up.

  7. Stand straight with your feet shoulder width apart and your toes pointed directly forward for 4 minutes.

  8. Your body may need to adjust to this bio-mechanically optimal position Therefore, it is recommended that you break-in the fit over a three-day period, slowly increasing the time you wear your new insoles each day. If you feel you need additional adjustment to the fit after three days, repeat steps 1 to  7.

  9. It might take a few days to break-in or adjust to your new foot beds. If you are not used to footwear that properly supports the arch and the heel, the support could feel unusual. Wear the new insoles for at least three days before considering re-heating them to further adjust them to your feet.

  10. Follow the instructions so your foot will be in the neutral foot position to ensure the heated foot beds correctly mould to your feet to correct or reduce any existing foot problems. Because the foot beds have just the right amount of rigidity, they will conform to your feet without becoming flat or unsupportive.

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