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Oakville Sailboard & Ski


Because of the move, most items in stock were sold at ridiculously low prices. No reasonable offer was refused and even some unreasonable offers were accepted. We even gave away some items rather than having to move them. A few items still left have been moved to a tent temporarily set up beside the house and are still for sale, along with sailboard equipment and windsurfer parts, which are still being stocked, sold and shipped all over the world.

Oakville Sailboard & Ski Inc. opened for business April 1, 1986 on Lakeshore Road just east of the bridge in downtown Oakville. The business was moved three years later to their second location on the north-east corner of Lakeshore Road and Kerr Street in Oakville, and more recently to their home at 386 Park Road North, Grimsby Ontario.. 


Initially it was a Windsurfing shop in the summer and Downhill Skiing equipment, clothing and boots in the winter, along with Ski Service and Ski Tune Ups, which includes sharpening edges and hot waxing.


Because of demand, Water Skis and related items were added the following year.


Snowboards and Wakeboards were added when they appeared on the scene a few years later.


Closely related items like Car Racks and attachments and Foot Bed Insoles are also sold, along with other related items..


A few unique items are stocked, such as Hackey Sack foot bags, which are not universally available in most other sport shops.

Individual sporting goods consignment suppliers:

The store also has consignment suppliers who are paid using one or the other of two different systems of "guaranteed sale" payment:

  1. The first type uses a system with selling prices staying the same for 6 months before they might be reduced and 1 year before the reductions might be greater in order to move the item. The supplier agrees to accept 40%, of the selling price after the goods are sold, but this can be changed in special circumstances. 

  2. The second type uses a unique pricing formula, like a "Dutch Auction" - with the selling price going down every month every month for 8 months, with the same amount of reduction each month, at which time the sale price of the item is 25% of the initial starting price. The supplier receives the selling price less 25% of the starting price.



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Moved to 386 Park Road North, Grimsby Beach Ontario, Canada L3M 2P6 ~ e-mail: info@sailski.com
  ( On Lake Ontario, between Hamilton and Niagara, about an hour or less drive from Toronto,  Mississauga, Burlington, Brampton or Milton)
Cel Phone: (905) 330-2251 (Ed Pollock may answer, not a voice mail box).
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Last modified:10/27/12.