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Cheap Sports


Because of the move, most items in stock were sold at ridiculously low prices. No reasonable offer was refused and even some unreasonable offers were accepted. We even gave away some items rather than having to move them. A few items still left have been moved to a tent temporarily set up beside the house and are still for sale, along with sailboard equipment and windsurfer parts, which are still being stocked, sold and shipped all over the world.
Because Cheap Sports Sale prices go down every month from the price they started at, until the items are either sold or hit bottom at 25% of the starting price, the prices can end up ridiculously low.
If you don't find the item you are looking for on this page, be sure to also look in some of the other pages. 
If you are interested in a particular item and are too far away to be able to call or visit our shop for more information, send us an e-mail at info@sailski.com and we will reply with more information and perhaps a picture. 
If you include your mailing address and postal code we can let you know the shipping and handling charges and an estimate of the total cost in your own currency.
We ship just about anywhere in the world, usually within two working days after receipt of your order along with your authorization, credit card number and expiry date provided to us by e-mail, fax or telephone.

However shipping large objects can be expensive and is often more than the item is worth. 

Prices are in Canadian dollars.

Description Code Sale
air pump Airhead portable 12V rechargeable C211-19 1.00
Apres-ski jacket S high-fashion warm down-filled pullover grey C196-9 29.95
ball air pump Umbro black C211-22 0.65
bike helmet youth 50-57cm Bell Trigger pale blu w/wht flowers C211-29 1.00
Cross Country Skis 190cm waxable Tundra 715 3 pin binding C190-13 10.00
Cross Country Skis 210cm waxable Fischer Marquis 3 pin binding C190-14 10.00
Dry suit 2pc w/cummerbund size 8 Superskin blu/blk C194-22 59.50
Rain Jacket pullover S "K-Way" w/hood wine green navy C195-14 4.95
Skates mens hockey size 9? leather C183-11 4.75
Ski boot carry strap C203-5 1.25
Ski Helmet 54 Gabel CSI approved C215-3 9.75
Ski helmet junior XS 53-54 Carrera CSI approved C215-5 12.25
Ski pants mens' 44 "Joff" green loose leg elastic waist & cuff C196-24 29.95
Ski/snowboard helmet junior purple C212-11 6.25
Skis cross country 140cm no wax Karhu 3 pin binding C190-18 20.00
Wet suit S dive jacket with hood 3mm Anchor nvy/blu C194-17 18.75
Wetsuit MS 2-piece dive suit 3mm Seal blu&red C194-7 25.00
Wetsuit MS dive suit jacket 3mm Seal blk&red C194-10 17.50
Wetsuit MS short long sleeve jacket Seal blu&red C194-12 5.00

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Moved to 386 Park Road North, Grimsby Beach Ontario, Canada L3M 2P6 ~ e-mail: info@sailski.com
  ( On Lake Ontario, between Hamilton and Niagara, about an hour or less drive from Toronto,  Mississauga, Burlington, Brampton or Milton)
Cel Phone: (905) 330-2251 (Ed Pollock may answer, not a voice mail box).
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